About us

VASTview Studios is a Melbourne-based global leader that specialises in developing virtual reality for architectural firms, developers, building companies, real estate agents, marketing agencies and private builders.

Remarkable quality

Our 3D Render service provides high quality Computer Generated Artistic Images (CGI’s) for off-the-plan project marketing. We ensure that the completed work truly replicates the creative vision of the design with life-like detail.


Vastview give careful consideration to every detail, light source, and composition. Our 3D visualisations will correspond with your project scope and resonate with your target market.


Our resources and knowledge gained from years of dedication to the 3d industry, enable us to quickly evaluate a project and produce a responsive solution. These abilities, combined with the enthusiasm and desire to partner collaboratively with our clients, create a rare combination of technical ability and creative ability.

walk-through videos

Another component which sets us apart is the option of walk-through video. This allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves in a realistic 3D introduction to the spatial elements of the building.



Our Clients

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