VASTview toolkit, a rich featured and epic integrated 3D visualisation solution , destined to revolutionise the real estate industry.

We believe that one of the biggest decisions in peoples' lives, can and should be made easier, more informed and more engaging.



Do you still struggle with getting client approval for your concepts?

VASTview Studios provides a service that allows you to present your artwork as 3D virtual reality, so your client can walk through or even fly around their projects.

It also allows you to generate unlimited 3D renders instantly, which all contributes to getting client approval quickly and efficiently, giving you an edge over your competitors in your niche market.


It can be difficult for your client to choose between your vast range of home designs, and time-consuming and confusing for them to choose a range of textures and materials that they are happy with.

VASTview allows them to walk through your off-the-plan home designs and get a real-life feeling for each space. They can also customise everything in real time, to see the results of their selection combinations, instantly.

This speeds the end-to-end sales process significantly for both you and your client.


Selling your off-the-plan project during the marketing campaign in a way that's above and beyond your competitors, is always a challenge.

VASTview enables your buyers to immerse themselves, by walking through the interior, and flying around the exterior, see the actual views, and be able to swap instantly between schemes, long before it's built.

All of this signifcantly speeds up the pre-sales process.


As a real estate agent you want fast life-cycles and the best prices possible for your off-the-plan projects.

VASTview provides you with an innovative end-to-end marketing campaign that includes unlimited 3D renders, a website, and a realistic 3D visual tour. It's an all-in-one solution that significantly simplifies the marketing associated with your off-the-plan project helping you to provide exceptional service to your buyer.


You're a design studio and it's a daily struggle for your clients to be able to choose between the confusing array of textures and materials.

By embedding your range of projects into the VASTview toolkit,  your client walk through and customize the 100% realistic environment in real time.

This helps them to instantly understand what they like and don't like, and choose happily.


Fully understanding the CAD and working drawings supplied by the architect and being able to visualise the final product in intricate realistic detail, long before it's built, can be a challenge for every developer.

The VASTview toolkit automatically does extensive quality assurance on the CAD drawings in the early stages, while enabling you to walk through your off-the-plan project long before it's built.

It also helps you to significantly reduce construction costs and potential expensive mistakes.

Our easy working processin 3 steps

It's hard to believe that VASTview will turn a simple 2D plan into an awesome photo realistic virtual 3D building in only 7 Days!

Providing Details

Simply provide any design and specification files in CAD or PDF format .

Design & Develop

Our talented team will apply the unique VASTview toolkit to the actual 3D plan.

Test & Deliver

Your awesome 3D virtual building will be accessible at any location you desire.


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