Driving a new era of user-generated 3D realistic content.


We're offering a full range of 3D Visualisation products through VASTview's innovative 3D platform.

V Toolkit

Realistic 3D interactive – Allows customers to perform realistic 3D interactive walk-through along with a complete range of customisation which contributes to the customers’ final decisions, in real time inside the 3D model.

  • Photorealistic 3D
  • Interactive walkthrough
  • Realtime customisation

V Converter

Modular 2D to 3D convertor – Innovative and ground-breaking 2D to 3D modular convertor platform using the latest cloud-based vision technologies and immersive media.

  • 2D to 3D convertor
  • Modular 3D modeling
  • Cloud based technolory

V Assets

Virtual assets warehouse - Universal database of virtually recreated branded products -- 3D optimised and accessible through the VASTview platform.

  • Branded 3D Models
  • Universal database
  • Highly Optimised

V Estimator

Real time estimator - Visualising variation costs in real-time based on products and area size by predefined customisable business rules.

  • Realtime estimation
  • instant specification list
  • One click maintenance

V Materials

Smart materials – New advanced technology which adopts materials to the selected area in real time allowing wide range of virtually designed materials to come to life in a 3D modelled environment.

  • Smart advanced technology
  • Realtime adoption
  • Photorealistic

V Timeline

Product time-liner – Visualising end-to-end construction projects time and resources, based on actual project plan in order to manage time and costs in more efficient ways.

  • End-to-end solution
  • 3D time-liner
  • Monitor time and cost


Marketing costs / Reduced

Eliminate the corporate-speak and transform each piece of information into quality content people want to consume.

Communication / Improved

Everyone involved is speaking the same language because they are looking at the home as a finished product, not just a concept.

Sales / Boosted

Offering All-in-One product which focus on key set of benefits and available in multiple platforms.

Project time / Minimized

Time is money in the design and construction business. The longer you spend planning, building or marketing the lower the profit will be.

Efficiency / Enhanced

Bringing efficiency to the building process by reducing or preventing mistakes and misunderstandings.

Operating costs / Decreased

Estimate costs more efficiently by gaining a deeper understanding of the materials required and how they will work with the design.