Provide clients with unique insights into the decorative and layout potential of their new apartment in real time, before construction.


Photorealistic RealTime 3D Visualisation Solution for Showrooms

Your challenge

Much of the time the client can not visualise how a product will look in their home. Nor can they compare which product, based on the samples you have in your showroom, will better match their home's existing style.

And of course you can not present your entire product range in your showroom.

Our solution

VASTview provides an end-to-end solution enabling your client to see the finished room, not just a selection of product samples.

It displays your products in a three dimensional (3D) photo-realistic world that your client can either walk or fly through, creating a fully immersive experience that feels so real, it’s like being there.

Add to this the ability to examine all of the intricate real life details, of each product.

Now imagine your client can actually click a button and change taps, appliances, wall colours and floor coverings, with a choice of fittings from a pop-up screen during their walk through.

This means your client can quickly make the right choice of materials on offer and get a real-time estimation of the costs involved.

VASTview - a rich featured and epic integrated 3D visualisation platform destined to revolutionise how you do business and your profit margins.  If client desire is the most effective upsell tool, VASTview offers you an entire toolkit.

Available to view either on a website or desktop platform.