Provide your international clients with the ability to virtually explore their new spaces through any web browser.

Real Estate Agent

Innovative Off-The-Plan Marketing Solution for Real Estate Agents

Your challenge

Selling off-the-plan houses or apartments or trying to get buyers to visualise the value of a dual-occ before it’s built, can be a challenge for real estate agents.

For starters these types of dwellings often attract overseas buyers who are unable to personally inspect the area, or the plan might simply be difficult for any buyer to fully visualise or appreciate, for whatever reason.

Our solution

Imagine being able to walk (or even fly) each buyer through a three dimensional (3D) photo-realistic rendering of these plans, providing them with a fully immersive experience that feels so real, it’s like being there, regardless of where they currently live.

They can even stand outside and look around at the virtual reality view if that’s what they want.

Add to this the ability to see all of the fittings, in intricate real life detail.

Now imagine your client can actually click a button and change taps, appliances, wall colours and floor coverings, with a choice of fittings from a pop-up screen during their walk through.

Maybe this range of choice isn’t something the builder was going to offer in the first place, but with this sort of functionality there’s scope for buyers to choose between a basic or to up-sell themselves into a luxury fit-out.

These selections can then be automatically included in the final costing, all of which reduces costs and ensures a quick sale.

Welcome to VASTview - a rich featured and epic integrated 3D visualisation platform destined to revolutionise how you do business and your profit margins.

Available to view either on a website or desktop platform for the same cost or less than you now pay for the last generation of rendering technology.