Getting immersive 3D walk throughs of your stunning architectural design is quick and easy

Hi-Rise Builder

Off-The-Plan Marketing Solution Using Latest VR Technologies for Hi-Rise Builders

Your challenge

Building a residential or commercial high-rise building is not for the faint-hearted. Time is money and you need to start the sales campaign from day one.

We get that. We also get that you've spent a lot of time  to understand the CAD drawings and to create the perfect designs.

Add to this difficulties of presenting your floor plans to the consumer, each offering  different colour palettes, colour schemes and choice of outlooks, and you have a serious challenge.

Our solution

We can help with that.

VASTview enables you to see the final constructed project, not just the concept giving you confidence in your design and choice of fixtures and materials.

Our innovative solution allows you to start marketing from day one, by transforming your plans and specifications into a three dimensional (3D) photo-realistic world so you can take the presentation of your project to a new level.

Clients can either walk through or fly between the floor plans, creating a fully immersive experience that feels so real, it’s like being there. It also allows them to stand on any balcony and assess their real-life view.

This can also be used in the construction phase to ensure the build process exactly reflects the CAD drawings.