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High Quality Photorealistic 3D Rendering Solution for Developers

Your challenge

Building a residential or commercial high-rise building is not for the faint-hearted.

We get that. It’s made especially more difficult by the recent skills shortage for contract administrators and quality cost planners/estimators across all building sectors, particularly in large scale residential development.

Add to this, difficulties associated with the massive marketing process and complex display suite requirements, which often calls for several different apartment layouts, each one offering a different colour palette or fit out level, and you have a serious challenge.

Our solution

We can help with your challenges.

VASTview enables your client to see the final product, not just the concept. It transforms your specifications into a three dimensional (3D) photo-realistic world that your client can either walk or fly through, creating a fully immersive experience that feels so real, it’s like being there.

It provides the buyer with the ability to stand on the balcony of level 45 and assess their real-life view. Maybe they don’t like what they see? That’s ok. Fly them up or down, or to the other side of the building, until they find a view they do like, and can afford.

While you’re at it, show them what the outside of the building looks like from all angles.

Add to this the ability to see all of the fittings, in intricate real-life detail.

Now imagine your client can actually click a button and change taps, appliances, wall colours and floor coverings, with a choice of fittings from a pop-up screen during their walk through.

These selections can then be automatically included in the final costing, all of which reduces costs and ensures a fast and efficient conclusion to your project.

VASTview - a rich featured and epic integrated 3D visualisation platform destined to revolutionise how you do business and your profit margins.  If client desire is the most effective upsell tool, VASTview offers you an entire toolkit.

Available to view either on a website or desktop platform.