Melbourne-based developer, Forza Capital, has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in variations by using a 3D visualisation solution to get agreement between the project manager and architect on design. “VASTview enabled us to identify gaps and potential for enhancements in the architectural documentation by giving us a realistic and accurate view of the building
A good architect charges like a wounded bull for a reason. A mistake, no matter how small, in style, form or construction can be hugely expensive, or worse, irreversible. The ability to visualize architectural design so that you can confirm that the forms and spaces are complimentary and compatible, is critical. It enables the builder to
You don’t just need access to cutting-edge technology to create impactful off the plan marketing campaigns, but it sure helps. Cutting edge technology tends to be the single biggest difference between a lacklustre marketing campaign and one where sales literally write themselves. Here are a list of practical insights that you can use to improve
Historically top-quality rendered photographs, well-written descriptions, floor plans, display homes and architectural models have all dominated off-the-plan marketing. While you might think these are all equally important, research has found that the floorplan is king. According to a survey by UK property website Rightmove, more than one-third of buyers are less likely to enquire about